Power Spot Guru
A BioGeometry Home Solutions Practitioner

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Dr. Larry R. Pesta is a retired English As a Second Language professor and an ordained minister with a major international New Thought denomination who has dedicated himself to various forms of energy and healing work for many years. His work has involved extensive practice and study.

He has been a Reiki Master for the past fifteen years, an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner for the past twelve years, and a pranic healer for the past ten years. He has studied Transformational Breath Work, massage therapy, yoga, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Chinese stone medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feng Shui and TRE.

He holds a B.A.ln English, an M.Div in Practical Theology and Spirituality, an M.A. in Teaching English As a Second Language, and a Doctorate in Religious Studies.

He studied radiesthesia with Dr. Robert Gilbert at the Vesica Institute in North Carolina which laid the foundation for his study of Dr. Ibrahim Karim's BioGeometry. He has achieved the status of an Independent Licensed BioGeometry Home Solutions Practitioner.

He has traveled the world extensively investigating and studying the fascinating energy of power spots in more than 34 countries. He has traveled to India more than thirteen times. The cathedrals of Europe are his second home.

His experience includes personal coaching, spiritual direction, church leadership, lecturing, teaching, and outreach work with both radio and television.

Proudly referred to as the "Power Spot Guru," he currently lives both in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he has begun work on a book entitled, "A Pilgrim's Guide to the Power Spots in Chiang Mai."

Absolutely fascinated with BioGeometry, he is quick to answer questions and to assist people in creating quality energy in their personal living spaces which not only counteracts the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields but seems to aid in ongoing healing and the natural development of relaxation, peace, and joy.

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